Truths of life you must realize before you turn 30

Reality of life

29 April 2015 750
Life is very complicated. We all have problems, we all have tensions, we all do mistakes some get buried under those problems and some brave ones overcome it and learn from those mistakes and those few selected people become winners.
And here are 30 things you should realize and learn before you turn 30.

1. Nobody in this big bad world have time to wait and count your mistakes. So chill and keep committing those mistakes until you learn from it.

2. You will lose many old friends in your lifetime, some will forget you, you will forget some, and you will make new friends and believe me it will all be okay and you will be fine.

3. Kindness and politeness can never be underrated, can never be. They are simply unused.

4. You are bound to change and its non evitable and remember not everyone will like it but change is always good for you.

5. You can have your heart broken a bunch of time but its okay because you will always learn from bad relationships.

6. Time is the best healer, it will heal everything .yes you read it right, time will heal EVERYTHING.

7. Experience is your best teacher and it’s always better than possession and will make you happier than any possessions.

8. You can always follow your dream and it’s not foolishness .your parents, your relatives may stop you from doing it but you should do what you feel is right for you and your future.

9. You should never stop learning. Learn a new thing every day, you may feel that its rubbish but you never know that same thing can help you at some point.

10. You should always dress good, it will definitely add to your personality, your body won’t remain fit and strong as it ever was but a good dressing sense will always make you look good.

11. Friends are important and So are your parents, you will soon realize most of the things your parent ever said was right.

12. A little saving can turn into a fortune at some point of time and a little debt can become the heaviest burden of your life.

13. There is no time to do something; time is when you decide to do that thing.

14. Being self will always remain a trend, so be yourself no matter whichever age group you belong to.

15. Respect is harder to earn than money so try to earn respect than always running after money.

16. Nobody can transform you into a better person or can make you successful; you yourself have to do it.